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Before and after, from stained woodwork to paint. Jan. 2020

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Are you ready to change the color of your Bridgewater kitchen, living room, or the entire house? An interior paint job can change the look and feel of a room dramatically. When you want to freshen up the color of a room, then Jcb Painting,

a professional house painting contractor serving Bridgewater, MA. can help to bring energy and warmth to any room in your home.

Jcb Painting provides expert interior house painting. With over twenty years of experience in the house painting business, we have developed certain procedures that we use, minimizing our impact on the homeowner's lifestyle throughout the course of the painting job.

​Interior Bridgewater House Painting Preparation
 1: We carefully cover all furniture with clean plastic sheeting and drop cloths on the floors. 
 2: We then look at the walls for any sheetrock repair (i.e. stress cracks, dings, etc). We repair the areas and sand the walls with our dustless sanding machine.
 3: After the walls are prepared, we then inspect all trim for gaps to be caulked and any other imperfections, including nail holes to be puttied.  
 4: Now we paint the room.  We always use top quality paints and other materials including Benjamin Moore to both walls and trim. Or we will use what the customer prefers.  Once the room is finished all tools,  plastic, drop cloths, etc. will be cleaned up and removed. Then we vacuum and sweep the floors, put the furniture back in place, reinstall all switch plates and plug plates and now the room is complete and ready to use.  

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woodwork painted white in Taunton, MA.

Jcb Painting is a full-service interior painting contractor serving the Bridgewater area.  Our expertise is interior house painting. We have been doing it for a long time and there is nothing we haven't painted.  

When you hire Jcb Painting to paint the interior of your home we will tell you what the paint job will entail, from how long to complete to what products we will use to complete your interior house painting project. Call us now @ 508- 463- 5190 for a free quote.

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