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Are you looking for a quality interior house painter to paint some rooms in your home? Then you have come to the right place. Jcb Painting has been in the interior painting business for over twenty years with many satisfied customers in the Easton, MA. area

When we come to your home to paint, we don't just paint. We first protect all your furnishings in the room with clean plastic sheeting and cover the floors and carpets with canvas drop cloths and then patch and sand the walls, re-caulk, and putty all windows, door jambs, and moldings and then we start to paint. Preparation is the most important part of an interior paint job. Without thorough preparation, the job will just not look as good as it could.  

Jcb Painting uses only premium paints on every project because it contributes to a quality long-lasting paint job that will look good for many years. We primarily use Benjamin Moore Paint but we are open to using what the customer prefers.

Your home is your castle, and we understand that when you have us come to your home to paint you are putting your personal space in our hands to do a top-notch paint job and that is what we do. All the time,  every time. 6 days a week we work to provide professional interior painting services to our customers. Painting the interior of your home can be a very personal process and we want our customers to feel at ease when hiring  Jcb Painting to do the job.  We are the real deal at interior painting.

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