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Prepping Walls for Painting in your new home in Mansfield, MA.

Before starting to paint a room, you have to think about all the stuff in the room, like furniture, rugs, hardwood floors, wall hangings, etc, etc, to protect them against splattering paint or if you have a major accident like spilling a gallon of newly opened paint. It can happen, especially if there are kids around!

If you can remove the furniture from the room, that is ideal but not always possible. Always wear old clothes or better yet buy some painters pants or shorts so you have all the extra pockets to carry the tools you will need to do the job, like a putty knife, dust brush, flathead screwdriver, (to remove switch plates) and a razor knife. Well experienced painters always have these tools in their pockets for obvious reasons.

Pull out any nails or screws that are in the walls from pictures and other decorations and then give the walls a good sanding with 220 grit sandpaper. Then patch all holes, dings and other imperfections with joint compound. Let dry completely and give those areas a light sanding.
Dust off the walls to remove any debris or dust.

Some of the materials you need to have to do the job when your ready to paint: primer, stir sticks, roller covers, angeled paint brushes, paint tray, paint pot, (never paint out of the can) drop cloths and an extension pole for the roller.

A good quality primer is best to use because it will help to hide the very small wall imperfections. Use a good water-based primer on new drywall. Use an oil-based primer for walls that have heavy dark stains from water or smoke damage. Before painting, it's a good idea to protect wall sconces with painters tape.

Start by cutting in the ceiling all around the room and work your corners down after that is finished. Then cut in around the windows, then the door jambs but not all the way to the baseboard yet. Save your self (and your back) from bending over constantly by cutting in what you can standing up. When you're ready to cut in the baseboard, strap on the knee pads and finish it up and when you get to the jams finish that up. Done. 1 coat. You will have to do that whole process again since it usually takes 2 coats for a complete looking cut in paint job. 

Then get your roller and pan and start rolling it out. Use a 14-inch roller knap because it's actually easier to roll with and you will get the job done in half the time. Unless the room is a small bathroom then use a smaller roller.

If it all feels like more than you want to do then give Jcb Painting a call at (508) 463-5190 and we will come and give you a free estimate. Thanks for reading!

prepping walls for painting in Mansfield, MA.